We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art technology for verification and validation of designs. Benchtop testing of new designs and modifications to existing designs is a continuous process that results in 100% reliability of our products and services. In addition, our investment extends to top of the line 3D CAD modeling tools, finite element analysis, circuit board layout and design, as well as custom software products for acoustic design of our ultrasonic products.

Core Technologies Include:

  • Laser Vibrometry for Measurement of Ultrasonic Vibrations
  • Langevin Stack Transducer Design and Manufacturing
  • Impedance Matching of Ultrasonic Transducers for Power Drive Optimization
  • Gain/Phase Meter

Other technologies include:

  • Ultrasonic Control Systems Development and Manufacturing
  • Digital Signal Processing of Ultrasonic Signals
  • Ultrasonic Generator and Chassis Design and Manufacturing

Building Blocks

Design Tools

Test & Measurements